Multicolor print with Prusa MMU2

Multi Material (MMU2) unit

Getting MMU2 to work took me several months. I found it practically unusable until I upgraded the printer to MK3S. The “S” upgrade added a working filament sensor on the extruder. Before the upgrade, MMU would push a measured length of filament in hopes it would engage with extruder teeth. It does, most of the time. “Most of the time” does not cut it when a print has several hundred filament changes.

The problem with MK3S upgrade — you are supposed to upgrade MMU2 to MMU2S at the same time; MK3S extruder does not accept MMU2. It took me some asking around to find this solution:

Prusa i3 MK3s R4 extruder MMU2s with path through coupling by ad_lamy

This still does not work well with noname white PLA used in the smiling owl with Palette 2. But when I selected three PLAs that work well together, 19 hour print went fine unattended. Isn’t it nice:

Striped lizard (multi-material) by cipis

3dhubs closing the hubs

As reported by, 3dhubs is switching to B2B model. They say, “[w]e tested the impact of a more controlled and consistent manufacturing service and customer feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive, it is hard to ignore.”

So they are dumping every non-professional printing shop (and some professional shops, too) and getting away your ability to pick a local maker or choose between different prices. They are so “confident” about their customers supporting this move, that they hunted down every hub mentioning this announcement, and suspending them for the egregious violation of putting their name in front of their customers.

What does it mean for you? It’s harder to find local 3d print shop, and harder to find bargain prices for 3d prints. Sites like treatstock, makexyz and 100kgarages still exist and take orders.

And of course, you can always order directly from me.