MMU2: getting multimaterial Prusa upgrade to work

Multimaterial upgrade (MMU 2.0) has a lot of promise. Just keep in mind it’s not a plug-and-play polished technology. While it is capable of printing in five materials with crisp separation, it requires very specific settings for every material. Even different colors of the same brand behave differently. Now when you take a brand that has significant difference from the “generic” profile, be prepared to do some serious tuning.

Just take a look at some of the parameters involved in tuning for MMU:

First attempt to print Makergeeks PLA with regular PLA settings is a disaster. These tips confuse the sensor and cause the feed to fail. Hobbed gears grind the filament, and later when the feed is fixed manually, the grind mark gets stuck in the gears.

Spectacularly bad tips

A lot of test prints tuning the parameters. Some changes seem to improve the tips, but it’s not consistent.

Tuning the tips
Tips a still bad

With the help of Chris Warkocki, a wizard of Prusa Community Forum, I’m making some progress. Getting better…

Somewhat better tips

… and better.

Better tips

Finally,  it’s stable enough to print without manual intervention.Multicolor owl in progress

To be continued.

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  1. If you figure out how to get the Selector feed and the extruder feed to be in sync I would love to know. At the moment I am getting grinding at both ends (less than I had) but I hate hearing the graunching sound of the grind. Or even what settings can help with this.

    1. There is a mod on Thingiverse that lets the festo “float” on springs, buffering the mismatch. There’s also a “secret menu” that lets you calibrate the length of the orange PTFE tube — look up Chris Warcocky’s videos on YouTube. In my experience, the grinding is not a problem. The usual problems are bulky “heads” that prevent proper retraction, stringers that make FINDA retract beyond the point of no return, and the resulting missing layers.

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